“Človek NE jezi se” ali pač?
Vprašanja, Maske in Razmislek

Dare to love XXXL version of self

Dare to love XXXL version of self. And dare to love it each hour, every day.

You are the XXXL Human. Fact.

Regardless if you believe it or not. Fact.

There’s the mastery.

Most of us were thought we are not good enough. That happiness, care, love, attention, prosperity, respect, fulfillment, health (you name it) is reserved for them. The Lucky ones. The Rich ones. The Courage ones. The Sporty once. For them. Other than us. Different than me. Bullsxxt.

YOU my dear friend, you are more than just worth-ed. It’s your birth right to have all of it. All the above. It’s not your parents, not your past, not your path that is preventing you to have it all. But it really does start and finish with you. You yourself.

It’s your lens of inner world.

Do you see yourself as XS-size, or maybe S. If you are very brave you see yourself as M.

Guess what.

I am not talking about your cloths size. I am talking about your inner mirror reflection called mind and heart connection or disconnection. It all depends on how connected are you to your true inner self. Your perspective of what you think you can really contribute and who you think you are. That’s what I am talking about.

Till the moment I saw myself as a shy, indecisive and worthless person (XS) I got this kind of results. Finally I got it. It is just the matter of perspective, the matter of lens in use. So I did consciously change the slide in my head with inspiring woman, knowing her talents and ready to develop them. I had to learn to trust my heart first. Here I am. Getting or better said creating lots of opportunities to step out of my old image and live the new one. The one I had chosen and that support my projection of XXXL version. What is your projection of XXXL version? What lenses do you use?

It’s totally different story if you will achieve your goal and if you will create yourself to become a personality you want or need to become in order to shine your XXXL power.

But you are XXXL Human.

It’s like a balloon. Balloon is balloon. If you do some effort it will grow. If not, the balloon stays flat. Simple. Nothing wrong. But. How fun is it to play with flat balloon?

The same thing happens with you and your inner perspective of self. The more energy you invest in exploring your inner reflection the more results you see in your outer world. The more results you see, the more energy you have. More energy you have more you can play and feel alive. More you feel alive more you can contribute, to self, family, friends, you name it.

At least go there, overcome that fear and follow the inner voice that know what you have, and what you can contribute to this amazing planet.


Simply dare to love your XXXL version of you. And dare to love it each hour, every day.

Because you in your true power, you are definitely:

X – Extremely

X – Excited

X – Experiencing

L – Life

All of it.

The highs and downs.  The brightness and the darkness. The falls and shines. All of it.


Experience the world, as pure as it is.

Enjoy Live.


Expand your XXXL message.

Big Hugs,


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